Month: April 2015

Friday Morning

This feels like a two week catch up. My daughter didn’t get the school we were hoping for. We’ve appealed but we’re not very optimistic so it looks like the private school is back on the table. I’ve been sitting here working out different plans on how we will fund this and for how long and whether we can do it for both girls or just one. What a nightmare! But as my husband said we are in the fortunate position where we have this choice. There are people around the world who would be grateful for any education and we’re being fussy about which school we want our daughter to go to!

My grand dad’s operation went well and he is making good recovery. My grand dad was bowel cancer and prostrate cancer. The prostrate cancer they are treating with medicine, the bowel cancer they removed as it was giving my grand dad a lot of pain. Unfortunately, the bowel cancer has spread into the liver. He is making good recovery and hopefully he will be out of pain soon but not sure if the cancer will get better. I’m practicing my Reiki on him. That’s all I have to help. I’m not 100% sure what happens next in terms of treatment.

Also, I need to do more about blogging. I don’t seem to be getting many readers to my blog, so I’ve looked into it and maybe from next week, I’ll join some more blogging communities and comment more, as a start.

Anyway, got a busy day so I’m off now.

Here’s my quote for the weekend and to keep myself positive about schools:


My first scheduled post

I’m on holiday but I’m still doing my Friday morning post! I’m not writing this while on holiday but decided to see if this scheduler thing works.

If you are reading this on Friday the 17th April, I will have just found out whether or not my daughter has got into her first choice school and also my granddad would have had his operation. I’m still not ready to talk about my granddad and his health but hopefully after the operation, everything will be good and then I can talk about it in relief.

In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying and experiencing the culture of sunny Crete! Yeah right, with two kids? Hmmm… Surviving the holiday with all four of us back in one piece, more like!

On a more positive note:

“A good life is when you smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realise how blessed you are for what you have.”


When I was younger I used to think about this a lot. Who am I? The usual teenage angst. However, watching Dexter has made me revisit this again. Obviously I’m half my mum and half my dad. There’s no question about that. But my parents are divorced. I’ve not seen my dad since he left us when I was 8. I know almost nothing about him. When I compare my self to my family, I compare myself to my mum and grandparents and even my aunt. I don’t think there is anything about me that’s like my dad. But I’ve got kids now. Half me and half my husband and I compare them to their grandparents but what about my dad? Obviously they’re their own people as well but I wonder if there is anything about my dad in them. I hope not but who knows?

I wonder if my dad didn’t leave whether I would be the same person. Would I still be an accountant? Would I be married with kids? Would I even have the same friends? I don’t expect an answer to this. I’m not even sure where I’m going with this but I wonder what it is that make me, me? Am I even the real me?

I’ve got two quotes to end this blog:

“Identity cannot be found or fabricated but emerges from within when one has the courage to let go” – Doug Cooper

“Always be yourself unless you can be batman, then always be batman.” Definitely like this one!

Good Friday

It’s Good Friday and I’m back on my blog! The kids have gone to their grandparents for the night so I am free! Although I still got up early, faffed around a bit and then did some work. I took the girls and nieces and nephews bowling and pizza yesterday as they were all on half term. Got it over and done with early in the day and then just chilled for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

I did have a bit of a fright last weekend though. My youngest daughter disappeared for at least 15 minutes although it felt like 15 hours. I think I’ve only just got over it. I’m not even sure I have. It’s made me question everything about being a mum and where did I go so wrong. I’ve written more on here I’m glad she’s safe and I’m going to do more to make sure they will always stay safe.

I think I’m always trying to do everything and I need to chill out, decide what’s important and just focus on that. Kids and work in that order. Everything else can wait if need be or I can do it when I do have free time. My fasting didn’t go so well this week, mainly because I took the kids out on the day I fast! Not clever thinking on my behalf.

Quote for the week:
‘We mum’s rub of on our girls. Over time, our way of thinking becomes their way of thinking. If we want to raise kind daughters, we need to start being kind mothers.’ Anonymous