Month: August 2014


This weekend we had a wedding and my girls were bridesmaid.  They looked amazing and did really well walking down the aisle especially the one year old!

Anyway, after that, the older daughter had a bit of a cold an cough and a tummy ache. So I gave her some calpol and we came home early.  We had another cousins 30th birthday and barbeque in the evening and my older daughter was looking better but I decided I didn’t want her to go to the barbeque. We stayed at home and watched some Peppa Pig while my husband and younger daughter went to the barbeque.

Afterwards, I felt that maybe I was being paranoid. She was just tired and only had a little bit of a cough and cold.  Just going to a barbeque wouldn’t have been the end of the world, especially if I was there with them.  Maybe I am being a little too obsessed with them? Maybe I’m going to stifle them with being too overprotective?  Hopefully, this phase will pass and has only come on because of what happened to my younger daughter, but what if it doesn’t?

No More Teeth!

I want to write a follow up blog to this blog below which I originally posted on accountingweb, on 29th July 2014. I’m not sure I want to post the follow up on accountingweb yet though. Here’s the original blog:

I spent Friday night in A&E with my younger daughter, taking back all the bad things that I have ever said about her, even in jest. Mainly that she is too much hard work or that I had her too soon. I love her so much.

This weekend was meant to be a good weekend. It was my nephew’s birthday on Thursday and we went out to eat. Friday and Saturday we had tickets to the local music festival and had got upgraded to VIP. It was a family music festival. I wasn’t too sure what to expect so I thought I would take my girls along and see how they get on. Things were looking good. Then my youngest daughter had a bit of a temperature. She kept biting her hand so I put it down to teething. I took her to the festival for about half an hour but she wasn’t enjoying it so then I dropped her off at my mother in laws. I told her she was teething and left a bottle of Calpol with her.

I went back to the music festival where my older daughter was getting her face painted. She then spent the rest of the time there dancing and running around until she got tired and then about 9pm, we decided to go home. By then the battery on my phone had died and I had lost my spare battery (so much for smart phones). So, as soon as I got into the car I started charging it and started listening to the messages and then rushed straight to the hospital.

Apparently she had had a fit due to the heat. It was the first time she has had a fit. It only lasted a few seconds but that’s enough to scare anyone. I spent the rest of the weekend keeping her cool and checking her temperature. In hindsight, there are so many things I would have done differently. Like going to the music festival in the first place! But she’s ok now, touch wood and fingers crossed.

Last time she was teething, she had a nappy rash that spread all the way to her legs and arms and I had to go doctors to get some stronger cream to clear the spots. Obviously, she needs her teeth but I just need a break from them coming through!

Top Three tips for Starting a Business

This is a blog I posted on the website MotivatingMum UK about setting up in business.

So it’s mummy mentoring month and I want to give some advice based on what work I do. I am an accountant so the best sort of advice that I am disposed at giving is in doing your accounts and tax returns and complying with Companies House and the HMRC. Also, as I am starting off too, I’m in the best place to be giving advice on something I’ve only just started doing myself. So as an accountant, here are my top three tips:

1.Decide what type of business structure you want. There are three main types: sole trader, partnerships or limited companies.

There are pros and cons to all types. Sole traders and partnerships are generally good if you are just starting up and don’t plan to make much and are still unsure as to how your business is going to work out. These types of business have less admin costs and it’s only the tax compliance you need to worry about. A limited company is good if you have a long term plan and you know you are going to make a profit in the future. A limited company has more structure and in the long term there will be more tax benefits.

2.Once you’ve decided your business structure, you need to tell everyone. By this, I mean not just on Facebook, twitter and blogs and all your friends and family but you need to inform HMRC and Companies House.

If you are a sole trader or partnership, you need to let HMRC know that you will need a self-assessment tax return and that you will be paying class 2 tax as soon as you have registered. You will also need to take into account class 4 tax when you start making a profit.

If you are a limited company, you need to inform HMRC of self-assessment for yourself personally as a Director of the company and then for the company, you need to register for corporation tax, if you have a payroll, then payroll taxes and if you need or want to register for VAT. These are the main taxes for a company. You also need to register your company with Companies House.

3.Finally, you need to make sure you choose a good accountant. OK, so you’re thinking, here’s the sales pitch, surely I’m breaking the rules, but hear me out first. To start off with, especially if you are a sole trader, you may be able to do a lot of things by yourself, as there is a lot of information on the internet and to be honest, even the HMRC website and helpline is getting a lot better.

However, there will come a time when you either don’t have the time to do all the tax and accounts or it just starts getting a little complicated or you hear something at the school gate and wonder if it applies to you and wish you had someone with a little more knowledge to talk to, and that’s where accountants step in.

My advice when choosing an accountant is don’t always go for the cheapest one on the block, I’m sure the charges will pile up. As with everything, make sure you get on with them and can build up a good rapport and also see if they are honest with you and let you know where there limitations are and how they will deal with it.


Updates and a bit of Murakami

Love his books….

Book of words

Sorry folks for the lack of book review this week because I have been struck by this mega flu bug that has left me crippled in bed for many days. I am currently still recovering from the illness and have been unable to keep up with the comments left by many kind readers, so do give me some time to play catch up when I am feeling much better.

But last week, I was pretty excited to learn that the English translation of Haruki Murakami’s latest book “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Year of Pilgrimage” has finally hit the stores! I cannot wait to read this bestseller, with a million copies flying off the shelves a month after its release in Japan. The hardest part though is to resist perusing all the online reviews before actually reading it myself except for THIS article from The Atlantic that hits spot on…

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